Concept of
the award

The idea is to produce a one-minute short film about happiness reflecting people’s different convictions, beliefs and perspectives on happiness and how to achieve it. The content of the film should be positive, inspirational and meaningful. The idea may tackle a specific positive value or an inspirational personal or social experience, or highlight a positive and inspirational character in a creative and meaningful context. Participation is open to all UAE residents except film production companies.

Award Objectives
  • Promoting the positive and meaningful values and encouraging the creation of a meaningful media content locally and regionally.
  • Building an innovative platform for talents in the UAE film industry.
  • Encouraging a sense of competition between talents.
  • Supporting and sponsoring meaningful Arabic cinema.
  • Creatively promoting happiness and positivity.
What Makes the Competition Special?
  • The competition is the first of its kind in focusing on happiness and positivity.
  • Participants have the liberty to choose the film topic and mode.
  • All filmmakers in the UAE are invited to participate in the competition.
  • Top ten winning films will be screened at the UAE cinemas.


Participants may choose the proper mode to express their selected idea by opting for one of the following categories:

  • Drama film
  • Documentary film
  • Animation
  • Advertisement
  • Awareness-raising film
  • Theatrical sketch
  • Any other category the participant may choose.

Positive Content Creators


The top three winners will receive:
  • A chance to screen their films among the advertisements at VOX cinemas
  • An all-expense paid trip to the Cannes Film Festival
  • Cash prizes
    First Winner :
    50,000 AED
    Second Winner :
    30,000 AED
    Third Winner :
    20,000 AED
  • Award shields and Certificates of Appreciation
The top ten winners will get:
  • A chance to screen their films among the advertisements at VOX cinemas
  • Certificates of Appreciation
All qualified participants to the finale will get:
  • A chance to screen their films at the closing ceremony
  • A cash prize of AED 5000
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