Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers Government Network Discusses Ways to Develop Government Work

The Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers Government Network convened in the presence of 100 Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers from federal and local government entities.


Participants in the meeting agreed that further developing government work and building on successful experiences are key factors to create a positive and radical change for community members, through the wide array of services provided by these entities. This approach is aligned with the UAE Government’s future goals and trends to promote quality of life in the country. 


The network, one of the initiatives by the National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing, aims to create an interactive platform to discuss the variety of topics listed on the happiness and wellbeing agenda. It also aims to support Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers in their efforts to align the plans, programs and initiatives of the entities they represent with the UAE Government's objectives, notably to achieve a qualitative leap in government work.


Hanan Al Marzouqi, General Coordinator of the Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers Government Network underlined the importance of reinforcing the capabilities of members of the network, which represents an interactive government platform and a communication channel that brings together federal and local government entities to share their respective knowledge, experiences and solutions. During the meeting, Chief Happiness and Wellbeing Officers were acquainted with several successful experiences, notably the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) team’s experience with the Taalouf (Harmony) initiative and the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments’ experience. They also examined the mechanisms adopted in implementing each initiative and discussed numerous ideas and proposals that support the efforts to achieve happiness and enhance wellbeing in the United Arab Emirates.